I’ve learned to be an angry person. Do you know why? Because it’s easier to lie to someone than to tell them the truth. It’s easier to hurt someone than to keep them happy. It’s easier to leave someone behind than to stick by their side. And when you’re on the other end of all that – being lied to, hurt and left, you start you close doors and build walls. And the only way to keep the liars and leaver away is to stay cold and uninviting. Keep them away, because if they get too close, they’re just going to lie and hurt and leave you again.





Hello, readers!


I am Timothy Oiretsa (not my actual name), 22 years old, a holder of the degree Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, residing in the Philippines and I have an array of passions. One of those passions so happens to be writing. I started this blog because I recently experienced a crazy heartbreak that I just needed to spill out of my guts in some form and since I have some knowledge in writing this seemed to be the best way to do it. I am mainly doing this for myself because who better to listen to me than I? But, for those of you who will stick around to read about my whirlwind of a story, you are very welcome to stay. So, please comment and start conversation with me because, honestly, I’m very down and lonely right now and I need to hear from people who understand me. So, you’ll be hearing from me soon guys. Much love. 😉


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